5 Easy Steps To Choose The Right Contractor For Asphalt Paving And Repairs

Asphalt repair and maintenance are critical to your pavement’s survival. Without it, your pavement will deteriorate and will need replacement or resurfacing considerably sooner than expected. Regular repair and maintenance keep your pavement in good shape and eliminate problems before they develop into something serious. It also helps extend your pavement’s lifespan, safeguarding your investment in the long run.

There are several things to consider when embarking on an asphalt repair and maintenance project. One of the most critical factors is hiring an experienced pavement contractor. Your pavement contractor has a significant impact on the outcome of the paving project. A professional company like Standard Striping, serving customers in Pasadena and various other cities in Maryland, is a safe bet.

In this blog post, we’ll list down five easy steps for hiring a pavement contractor. These steps will also highlight the significance of getting the right pavement contractor.

Get Competitive Quotes

The first step to hiring a reliable contractor for asphalt paving is comparing the prices of different contractors. Comparing rates from several pavement contracting firms will help you get the best-priced bids. However, don’t just choose the contractor with the lowest bid! There are more factors to consider…

Take the Contractors’ Past Jobs into Account

It is essential to look at a contractor’s previous projects before you decide to hire them. This will help you identify their credibility and how they handle different types of paving work. If you know that project will require specialized skills, it would be best if this contractor has experience with similar tasks in the past.


Ask the company you are considering hiring to provide references from other projects they have completed in the recent past. This is important because it will give you a sense of how satisfied their previous customers are with their work and what kind of work they performed for those clients. If the contractor is hesitant to provide references, that is a bad sign.

License and Insurance Coverage

A professional contractor should be licensed to work in your state and also have insurance coverage. You should ask for proof for each of these. If a contractor is not insured, you should stop the conversation right there because it means if an accident occurs on your property, you will be held liable. If the contractor doesn’t have a state license, or their license is expired, then they shouldn’t be performing this kind of work in the first place!

Payment Terms

The final thing you need to ask about is the payment terms. Do they require a down payment or full payment at the end of the project? Avoid making full payment upfront. Companies formed to commit fraud on unassuming clients usually insist on complete upfront payments and disappear as soon as they get the entire amount.

Standard Striping can provide you premium quality asphalt repairs and paving services at an affordable rate in Pasadena, MD. Our experienced pavement contractors are well-aware of asphalt paving dos and don’ts.

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