Crack Filling

No paved surface is immune to deterioration. Everything from natural aging to ground shifts, harsh weather conditions, and invasive tree roots cause gradual pavement damage. Asphalt and concrete surfaces are especially prone to cracks. When cracks form, they grow quickly, so it’s best to address them in the early stages to prevent further damage.

Our crack filling services help you maintain and repair your existing pavement to make it more durable, prolonging the need for a replacement. Contact us today to schedule a crack filling service.

The Process

Prepare the Surface

We remove any loose debris with a wire brush, broom, or compressed air to make sure the material applies properly.

Apply the Material

We secure the material to the cracks using a caulk gun.

Finish & Cure

We use a putty knife or trowel to even out the material, creating a smooth surface. Let the material cure before using the surface again.

Key Benefits

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