Infrared Asphalt Repairs

Infrared patching is an effective, affordable way to repair damaged pavements. While conventional patching only offers a temporary fix, infrared patching maximizes the longevity of the existing asphalt by producing a smooth, durable finish.

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The Process

Apply Heat

We use heat to combine the fresh asphalt and liquid binder with the existing asphalt. This is a cost-effective, eco-friendly repair method because it requires fewer materials.

Level & Compact

We scarify the asphalt to add a hot binder and fresh asphalt. We level and compress the new layer to create a smooth surface protected from water infiltration.

Comparing Patch Types

Infrared Patch

Affordable, environmentally friendly, and permanent water leak prevention

Cold Patch

An affordable yet short-term fix

Traditional Patch

A permanent yet expensive fix

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