Safety Features

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Safety features on roadways, in parking lots, and at intersections are strategically placed to keep users safe and control the flow of traffic. These features reduce the risk of incidents occurring.

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Our Safety Features

Pavement and concrete surfaces can incorporate various safety features to enhance the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. These features are essential for reducing accidents and promoting safe transportation. In addition to standard pavement markings, our team installs the following safety features:

Textured or Slip-Resistant Surfaces

Enhance the traction of your pavements by texturing or finishing them with slip-resistant materials. This feature will make slips and skids less likely to occur.

Speed Bumps and Humps

Speed bumps and humps are raised sections used to slow traffic, making parking lots, residential areas, and school zones safer.

Curb Ramps

Curb ramps keep cyclists and pedestrians safe from oncoming traffic by creating a barrier between sidewalks and roads. They also make spaces more accessible for people with disabilities.


Bollards are short, sturdy posts installed in high-traffic areas to protect pedestrians from oncoming traffic.

Road Signs

Road signs relay information such as speed limits, upcoming hazards, upcoming intersections, and other directions to drivers to keep them safe. Road signs should be clear and strategically placed.

The Process

Safety Assessment

After identifying high-risk areas, potential hazards, and traffic patterns, we compile a safety plan outlining recommended safety features.

Install & Implement

If necessary, we apply pavement markings and install traffic signs, crosswalks, speed humps, and more to improve safety.

Maintain & Evaluate

We evaluate your pavement and perform maintenance to make sure it’s safe and functional. We add, change, and remove features as needed.

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