Which Sealcoat Is Best For My Asphalt Pavement?


You’ve probably seen those blacktop driveways or parking lots with a shiny, wet look. That’s the result of a sealcoating treatment. Sealcoating is mainly a preventive maintenance procedure applied to the asphalt pavement surface to prevent or delay costly corrective measures, like overpayments and reconstructions.

Standard Striping will discuss which seal coats your asphalt needs to thrive in this blog post! So if you’re anywhere near Prince Frederick, MD, we would be glad to be of service.

Types of seal coats

There are three types of seal coats: aggregate binders, rejuvenators, and more robust mix designs. Each type serves a different purpose and has unique benefits.

Aggregate binders: 

These are used to waterproof and protect the asphalt from UV rays. Aggregate binder also improves the appearance of the pavement and can add a bit of extra life to it.


These are used to revive old, tired asphalt by filling in any cracks or voids that have developed over time. Rejuvenator will restore the surface to like-new condition and protect it from further damage.

More concentrated mix designs:

These are used for areas that see a lot of traffic or wear and tear. These seal coats will provide an extra layer of protection against the elements and extend the life of your asphalt pavement.

Types of Seal Coats I can use?

Coal tar emulsion

It is a sealant made of asphalt, coal tar, and water. It is common and can be applied to both blacktop and concrete surfaces. 

Acrylic emulsion:

Acrylic emulsion is a fast-drying, synthetic sealant that is more resistant to fading and cracking than coal tar emulsion.


A long-lasting, water-based sealant provides a high level of protection against ultraviolet rays, weathering, and staining.

The type of seal coat you use will depend on the condition of your asphalt and your budget. If your asphalt is in good condition, you may only need a coal-tar emulsion seal coat. However, if your asphalt is in poor condition, you may need to use a more expensive acrylic or silicone seal coat.

Considering the Cost of Seal Coat for Asphalt repair:

When considering seal coat cost, you also need to consider the size of the area that needs to be treated. The larger the site, the more it will cost to apply a seal coat. So, before making a decision, be sure to get a few estimates from different contractors.

By seal coating your asphalt regularly, you can extend its lifespan and avoid more costly repairs down the road. The cost of seal coating also needs to be considered when deciding which type of seal coat to use. 

Rejuvenators are more expensive than aggregate binders, but they can be applied over a larger area. Aggregate binders are less costly but need to be applied in smaller areas.


No matter which type of seal coat you choose, it is essential to have a professional asphalt paving company apply it. At Standard Striping, we have the experience and equipment necessary to seal your asphalt pavement properly. If you’re looking for more commercial asphalt paving services in Prince Frederick, MD, call us today to get a free estimate!

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