What Is The Importance Of Thermoplastic Road Markings?

Thermoplastic road marking is becoming a new choice for the planning and designing of road structures due to its various benefits. It assists and eases driving to a great extent. It is not only useful for the drivers, but also pedestrians navigating the road!

Thermoplastic road markings are made up of powder paint which is applied as road markings and heated to 200 °C for it to melt, then finally sprayed on the road surface. Once the coating is dry, it becomes a hard, polymer line that is thick, bright, and reflective in color which can be yellow or white. It dries quickly and can be driven over after a few minutes without any hassle.

Thermoplastic road markings are a combination of synthetic resin and glass beads that make them unique and durable. Standard Striping provides its clients a specialized service of making distinct thermoplastic road markings using the best quality materials in Crofton, MD.

In this blog post, we will look at the importance of thermoplastic road markings.

Visibility and Safety

The foremost reason for choosing thermoplastic road marking is the element of safety that it provides. The markings are highly reflective which makes it easier to drive on roads where there is poor visibility due to less light or bad weather conditions. The markings help drivers to follow clear directions and speed restrictions that protect them from potential accidents. Not only this, separate lanes can be made with the markings to assist cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians on the road. This is not only helpful for their safety but also to prevent congestion on roads. Layers of paint create rumble strips that give alerts of rumbling noise and vibration that warn drivers to check their speed and slow down if necessary, making it a warning indicator, facilitating cautious driving.


When we talk about durability, thermoplastic road markings take a lead. They fulfill a long-term purpose as they are not only durable in terms of the material used but they are also easy to maintain. They are weather friendly which means highly resistant to water and hot climate. This is why they are commonly seen on roads in most countries around the world. They are not high in maintenance and have strong adhesion properties, thus they do not fade or degrade easily. It is due to their durability that thermoplastic road markings are not only used for roads but also for car parks of schools, bus lanes, playgrounds, and sports courts.


As the markings are long-lasting, it can be easily said that they are cost-effective. Low maintenance indicates that they do not have to be re-painted frequently unlike ordinary paint; hence saving time and investment. One investment can last up to several years without having to invest multiple times by re-painting.

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