Top 6 FAQs About Sealcoating

Sealcoating adds a layer of protection to asphalt that protects it from water, snow, oils, and UV damage. It extends the service life of asphalt and also makes it visually appealing by giving it a smooth, shiny, black protective layer.

Standard Striping offers its specialized sealcoating services for residential as well as commercial projects in Pasadena MD using the highest grade of sealer, machinery, tools, and an expert team.

In this blog post, we will address the top 6 frequently asked questions regarding the process of sealcoating.

1. How often should we sealcoat?

Seal coating can last up to 3 years but re-sealing might be needed often. The general rule for the period is one year but this is only a guideline. The factor that determines the decision to sealcoat is if there is a lot of heavy traffic on the surface especially from heavy vehicles, chains on tires, chemical spills, and harsh winter temperatures then there might be a need to seal coat more often. Surface deterioration displaying minor cracks and discoloration from black to grey hints that it’s time for maintenance. 

2. What is the best weather to sealcoat?

Weather is an important factor when determining the time to sealcoat. The best time to perform the task is when it is warm as you need plenty of sunlight to speed up the drying process. You have to also be careful during the rainy season as water from rain will definitely extend the drying time. So, make sure to listen to the local weather forecast.

3. Should I take any precautions before sealcoating?

You have to ensure that there is no water on the surface and your sprinklers are turned off 24 hours before the sealcoating process. If there is grass along the area, do not fertilize it for a week before sealcoating. The work area should be cleared of all vehicles, equipment, and any other obstacles.

4. How long do I stay off the asphalt after sealcoating?

The amount of time it takes for the sealer to dry is dependent on the humidity, temperature, and sunlight. A minimum of 24 hours is the recommended time to stay away from the pavement provided that the area gets ample sunlight. Usually after this time, the surface is safe for walking and driving on.

5. Are tire tracks normal after sealcoating?

Yes, this is temporary when a new sealer has been applied. The marks will go away after the sealer has completely dried.

6. How do I choose the best contractor for sealcoating?

You must do ample research to choose an expert for the process. Experience, testimonials, and referrals are important factors to keep in mind when selecting your contractor. You also need to ensure they are fully licensed and insured, and have the relevant materials and equipment for sealcoating.

Standard Striping has decades of experience in providing high quality sealcoating services in Pasadena MD. We have the finest team and the latest tools. If you have any more questions, please contact us today or get a free estimate for your sealcoating project.

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