The Importance Of Incorporating Drainage For Pavement


One of the critical components of pavement is drainage. If water cannot properly drain off the surface, it can cause various problems, including erosion, puddling, and even flooding. This post by Standard Striping discusses the importance of drainage and explains why it’s crucial for your pavement.


Erosion occurs when water washes away the top layer of dirt or soil. It can become a massive problem for paving and is especially common in areas that get heavy rain, such as the East Coast. To prevent erosion, it’s essential to ensure your pavement has proper drainage so that excess water flows off properly instead of sitting on the surface and soaking into the soil.

When you have a pavement that doesn’t allow drainage, it may cause water to pool above or under your pavement. It can create voids beneath your asphalt because the base material is washed away. Once these voids form, repairs can be difficult and expensive.

Puddling and Flooding

If water is not draining correctly, it can lead to puddling and even flooding. This can cause several problems, such as:

• Making the surface slippery and dangerous

• Reducing visibility while driving or walking

• Damaging landscaping or other features near the pavement

• Causing property damage by seeping into basements, crawl spaces, or other areas that are not waterproof

• Creating an ice hazard in winter weather

Many of these issues can lead to safety hazards for those around the pavement. In addition, flooding and puddling create a breeding ground for mosquitoes. This has health implications and adds to the general nuisance factor from standing water.

Proper Drainage is Necessary

One of the chief aspects of pavement design is incorporating drainage into your plans. It helps keep water from building up on the surface or seeping underneath the asphalt when you have a well-drained surface. This is crucial in preventing erosion and maintaining the integrity of your pavement.

Drainage is key to preventing these issues and keeping the pavement safe for everyone who uses it. There are several ways to incorporate drainage into your pavement design, so be sure to discuss your needs with a professional before starting construction.

With the proper planning, you can keep your pavement looking great and functioning correctly for years to come. Without it, water can build up on the surface and cause various problems, from erosion to potholes. It’s important to remember that drainage isn’t just a luxury – it’s essential for keeping your pavement in good condition.

Install a Drainage System

The most effective way to ensure that your pavement has proper drainage is by installing a drainage system underneath it. There are two main types of systems: storm drains and sewer pipes. You can choose either one depending on what type of rainwater management you’re looking for.

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