The Asphalt Lifecycle: The Evolution Of Your Favorite Paving Material

It’s all too easy to take asphalt for granted, but did you know that it is a rather sophisticated and fascinating material? This blog post will explore the different phases of asphalt, from extraction to use. We’ll also look at how we can help maintain our roads and bridges so they last longer!

The Asphalt Lifecycle

An asphalt pavement’s journey starts with new construction, initially requiring little maintenance, but eventually reaches a point where you need to replace the entire structure.

Here’s what the different stages look like…

1st Stage – Freshly Paved Asphalt

This stage includes the first five years of an asphalt pavement that requires little to no maintenance if installed by professional paving contractors like Standard Striping.

2nd Stage – Signs of Wear and Tear

Following the first stage, you will notice visible damage signs on the pavement, usually in the form of cracks. Alligator cracking is the most common form of surface crack. This is a preventive maintenance phase where you need to avoid further deterioration using procedures such as crack sealing and seal coating.

3rd Stage – Tried and Tested

After 10 to 15 years of use, the problems with your asphalt pavement become prominent. You’ll need consistent repairs and patching, and your pavement will most likely look dull. This is the time to bring in heavy machinery to grind up all of that old asphalt into smaller pieces for re-use or recycling.

4th Stage – Resurfacing

At this stage, you can expect a brand new-looking road surface while sealing cracks with cold rubberized sealant. From here on out, your pavement should be good as gold if you maintain your asphalt properly using regular maintenance procedures such as crack sealing and pothole filling every other year. 

How to Extend your Pavement’s Lifespan 

Maintaining your asphalt pavement is the key to extending its lifespan. The most effective way of doing so is by using crack sealant and pothole filler every other year, which will prevent water from seeping into cracks in the road surface, allowing them to get bigger and become a significant problem over time.

During winter storms, make sure you clear snow off of your pavement as soon as possible after snowfall or sprinkle salt brine mixture on it before the ice begins to form! This can help keep your pavement safe for the months ahead which will likely bring more snow and harsh weather.

However, the best way to maintain your asphalt pavement’s shine is by hiring reliable contractors for pavement installation and maintenance. Standard Striping is a licensed asphalt paving and maintenance company that can take care of all your pavement headaches in Annapolis, MD, and extend its lifespan while saving you a significant sum. We offer affordable pavement maintenance and striping solutions that help give your property a fresh look. Get a free estimate from our team today!

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