Road Signage – What You Should Know About Them

We routinely see the road signs across the highways and streets, with various safety warnings and reminders. Have you ever wondered why these signs are so vital? What is it that makes them such a crucial part of our everyday lives? Well, they provide us with any vital information we may need about what’s ahead on the road: construction or traffic delays (and how long), warnings about accidents, hazards on the side of the highway, etc. The road signs ensure a safe and convenient drive for the commuters.

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What are Basic Pavement Markings?

Like all other forms of road signage, pavement markings are essential because they help drivers navigate a parking lot or a driveway. They also provide information about what’s ahead, for example, a retail store or a hospital. Road signs can be any sign placed directly in or near a roadway to convey various important messages. These include traffic signs, warning signs, guidance signs (signs that show directions), parking control signs, no smoking/no littering signage, etc.

The Benefits of Road Signage and Pavement Marking

Road signage can help drivers who are lost or unfamiliar with certain areas understand or properly navigate where they’re going. Pavement markings show people when and how they should walk, bike, or drive on that particular stretch of pavement. These types of signs also regulate parking spaces so that everyone follows the same rules.

Why do Commercial Properties Need Road Signage or Pavement Markings?

A commercial property needs good signage to meet the regulations of its local jurisdiction, as well as help customers find and navigate to its location. There are many different types of signs that you can see on a commercial site: directory signage for directories; regulatory or warning signs (such as NO PARKING); wayfinding directional guideposts (like street nameplates).

Pavement markings vary depending upon the purpose they serve. For instance, center line-markings are used at intersections with stop lines; and edge markers divide lanes traveling in the same direction like when there are different cars driving towards each other on a divided highway. Solid white wedges mark parking spaces, while lane separation markers dividing lanes that travel in opposite directions, should be used instead of double yellow dividers to keep opposing traffic apart from crossing into another’s path.

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