Is It Time To Sealcoat Your Asphalt Pavement?

Sealcoating helps protect your asphalt pavement from damage and extends its life. The process of sealcoating takes only a few hours, but it can make a huge difference in how long your asphalt pavement lasts. You should be proactive about protecting your property by ensuring that you sealcoat at the right time. The following signs indicate that it may be time for an asphalt sealcoating job.

For the best advice, you may want to consult with a professional asphalt paving contractor like Standard Striping in Dunkirk, MD, to determine the right time to sealcoat your pavement.

1. The Growth of Vegetation in the Area

If you notice weeds or grass growing in your asphalt pavement, this is a sign that the ground beneath it has been saturated with water for an extended period. This can cause damage to your pavement and make it more susceptible to cracking over time.

Sealcoating will help seal up any cracks on the surface and prevent further moisture from seeping underneath. It also helps destroy weed roots that may be causing erosion on top of your asphalt and seals off those nasty cold air pockets created when water seeps into the small spaces between pavers.

2. You Notice the Pavement’s Color is fading

Asphalt pavement starts off black and shiny but will begin to fade in color over time. This is a sure sign that it’s due for another layer of sealant, which will also help protect the asphalt from cracking up prematurely. The protective coating typically lasts two to three years before it becomes due for another application. However, if there is a significant event such as severe weather like a hail storm, tornado, or extreme heat, you may need to have it done sooner.

3. Small Cracks

If you notice small cracks on the pavement, then it is time to sealcoat it immediately. The tiny cracks can develop into larger cracks and eventually develop into potholes. The key to a long-lasting asphalt pavement is regular maintenance, such as sealing the surface with an asphalt sealant every two to three years, depending on traffic volume. It’s also essential to keep your driveway clean because sediment from dirt can build up in between pavers, leading to water collecting that could ultimately result in hydrostatic pressure, damaging your parking lot paving.

4. Aging

A typical aging pavement is a sure sign that it needs to be sealed. The asphalt will start breaking down with age. The pavement will become rough due to oxidation when oxygen reacts with oil in the asphalt binder, causing it to break down due to sunlight, water, and air. When this happens, it’s time to sealcoat! Property owners with asphalt pavement in Dunkirk, MD, can sealcoat their pavement by availing the services of Standard Striping. We offer complete asphalt maintenance and asphalt sealcoating services at affordable rates for commercial and residential clients. Get a free estimate from our team now!

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