How To Unstripe & Restripe Your Parking Lot


Parking lot striping is an essential part of any business. It helps organize and direct traffic, making it easier for employees and customers to get where they need to go. You know that parking is a massive issue if you run your business facility. Not only do you have to worry about your customers, but also those of your competitors. It provides safety to your employees and customers and keeps your parking lot looking neat and tidy. One way to make sure that your parking lot works the best for your business is to stripe it in a way that makes sense. Standard Striping will discuss how to unstripe and restripe your parking lot. We will go through the steps involved in each process and the benefits of each approach. If you are thinking about restriping your parking lot, be sure to read this post!

Process of Restriping

There are several steps involved in restriping a parking lot, which we will discuss in detail below.

1. Unstriping

When restriping your parking lot, the first thing is to remove any existing striping. You can do it with a laser machine or manually scraping the stripes off with a putty knife. Once the striping is terminated, you will need to clean the surface of your parking lot. It can be done with a power washer or manually scrubbing the surface with a brush.

 Check the cleaned surface to detect any damages after unstriping. If you find any cracks, get commercial asphalt paving services for the repair work.

2. Restriping

After cleaning and repairing the surface, you can begin to restripe your parking lot. It is essential to use high-quality paint designed for parking lots when restriping. This type of paint will resist fading and wear and last for many years.

Use precise lines and consistent spacing between the stripes when restriping concrete paving. It will help create a clearly defined parking area that is easy to navigate.

Once the restriping is finished, it is essential to keep your parking lot clean and free of debris. It will help to ensure that the stripes remain visible and clearly defined.

When to Restripe?

Restriping a parking lot is necessary when the original stripes have faded or worn away. It is also essential to restripe a parking lot periodically to create clearly defined spaces that are easy to navigate. The Americans with Disabilities Act has some regulations for parking lot stripes. It must provide a certain number of accessible parking spaces for cars and larger areas for vans, depending on the number of parking spaces it can accommodate. You can correctly identify these locations to follow the law as you stripe or restripe while also facilitating disabled residents or customers.

Ending Note

So, whether you are looking to unstripe your parking lot or restripe it, we can help. We have the equipment, skill, knowledge, and experience necessary to get any concrete paving done right. Standard Striping serving Waldorf, MD, offers various commercial asphalt paving services, so be sure to get a free quote today.

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