How To Care For Your Concrete Patio In The Winters


Have you noticed your concrete patio developing cracks and crumbling edges this time of year? To avoid costly repairs in the spring, Standard Striping discusses some tips in this blog post to effectively care for your concrete patio.

First Thing’s First – Repair the Existing Signs of Damage

You may have heard the saying, “good things come to those who wait.” But in this case, you should think about what will happen if your concrete slabs crack or chip. Repairing minor cracks will prevent the cracks from spreading further. This will also ensure that any sealer used on new surfaces adheres appropriately with a fresh coat of paint! The existing damage should be repaired first to save your patio from winter damage.

Apply a Sealer to the Concrete Surface

Sealers are essential to protect your concrete patio from winter damages. They help prevent moisture from infiltrating the concrete pores, leading to cracks that further expand due to the freeze-thaw cycle. Sealers are necessary for all types of concrete patios.

Concrete patio sealer should be applied in the spring when the temperature is above 50 degrees. It should be applied as a thin coat, enough to penetrate through the pores of the concrete but not too much that it will run off onto plants and structures next to the patio.

Do Some Repositioning – Protect Your Furniture

Keeping your furniture and accessories away from the concrete during warmer months is helpful in preventing damage. If you have metal or plastic pieces, their legs might have space for moisture to get trapped. This could lead to additional wear on your patio sealer over time. Such is the delicacy of patio concrete. The ideal remedy would be to remove all items from your patio until winter’s end. This will also help avoid furniture discoloration and reduce the degradation of these finishes.

Resealing Your Concrete Also Helps

If you notice that your patio concrete looks dull or worn, it may be time for a fresh coat. Here is an excellent way to keep the shine alive without spending more on sealant. Try simple maintenance tips like applying wax after putting on coats of anything wet. This gives your concrete protection from UV rays and helps preserve color, too. Spraying your patio tiles with just water only takes care of dust and dirt.

The use of sand mixes also helps with sealing tiles if you cannot use harsh chemicals. People have gardening projects in their patios, and the use of chemicals is not safe in the vicinity.

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