Hardscaping Project? Try Air-Entrained Concrete!


Concrete has the upper hand at mimicking natural stone, crushed gravel, and even granite if stained correctly. Paving whole driveways or using craft concrete to create unique landscape decorations is well within the possibilities. But when it comes to sturdy, concrete hardscapes with long life, air entrainment comes in handy.

Air-What Concrete??

Yes, air-entrained concrete! It is a unique mix of concrete with billions of microscopic bubbles distributed per cubic foot to specifically provide resistance to the freeze-thaw, spalling damage that is concrete is prone to. The bubbles act as a stress & pressure dissipation mesh throughout the volume of the cured concrete when its porous, water-absorbent nature opens it up to damage at freezing temperatures.

It’s a strong concrete mix for enduring the outdoors, making it ideal for hardscapes. Since Standard Striping has an expert repertoire in concrete paving services, we’ll begin with redecorating your turf!

Concrete Slabs

If you’re tired of the same ol’ green grass, consider a zigzagged walkway made of prefabricated slabs with grass gaps, or just stick to single-file slabs. A stepping stones design may be used to cover your backyard. The slabs may serve as an elegant precursor if you have a main door or a backyard gazebo; otherwise, patio walkways will be enough. 

Garden Curbing

It doesn’t matter how many fences, barriers, or hedges you put up to accentuate your flower beds; it will still look barren unless you opt for prominent curbs. Concrete makes for an excellent curbing material, and you can get in a range of hues & cast shapes. If you are into pruning, it’s worth going the extra mile to add the curbs as you prune your flower beds. Not only will your hardscape elements stand out, but your building will have a lot of appeal on the market!

Concrete Pavers

Pavers are available in so many materials, colors, & shapes, but it’s concrete that affords the most variety at inexpensive rates for your hardscape project. They can be stained, textured, and yes, you can get them in air-entrained variants to withstand erosion. 

Sunken Fire Pits

Excavate & reinforce a sunken air-entrained concrete ‘sofa’ in your backyard, with a fire pit constructed majestically in the center where you can warm up on chilly nights in Baltimore. The specialty concrete is not just resistant to freeze-thaw stresses, and it also withstands expansive forces of the heat. Plus, people pay a lot for expensive hardscape upgrades only to get substandard results, but we stick to and above standards!

Patio & Deck

Air-entrained concrete slabs, some fancy pavers, and add in some intuitive, artistic mix, and you have a mosaic masterpiece for a hardscape built to last all year. You can even work your deck using entrained concrete and incorporate materials for decorative effect without worrying about the concrete cracking from non-uniform stresses in the heat. It’s not just a creative concept; it’s pretty nifty & inexpensive compared to a lumber deck!

And finally, for our concluding remarks, we implore you to enlist our concreting services for various hardscape upgrade & paving projects in Baltimore, MD. Please don’t be too dismissive of Standard Striping over the name because we’ve been here since 1998, & once we deliver to above & beyond your expectations, that is the name you will recommend! 

For more details on concrete projects & hardscaping, get in touch with us, check our services & secure a free quote!

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