7 Amazing Benefits Of Asphalt Paving

Although various materials are available for pavement construction, asphalt is the most commonly used paving material for building robust, durable, and smooth surfaces.

Did you know that asphalt is the only material used to make all Formula 1 race tracks? This clearly shows that asphalt has many advantages over other materials.

Let’s take a look at seven tremendous advantages of asphalt paving.

1. 100% Recyclable

Asphalt is the most recycled product in the US. Existing pavement can be recycled and reused, allowing taxpayers to save $2 billion every year to produce virgin asphalt. Moreover, asphalt helps save energy because other materials require 20% more energy than asphalt to construct.

Apart from this, what makes asphalt unique is that used tires can also be used in asphalt production, resulting in reduced wastage. Therefore, experts regard asphalt as a truly environmental-friendly product.

2. Skid-Resistant

Asphalt has an amazing innate safety feature that can save lives. It is highly skid-resistant and thus offers extra protection to drivers or passers-by in snow. However, this doesn’t mean that drivers can drive recklessly on asphalt surfaces. It’s an additional feature that reduces the chances of skidding. Plus, asphalt’s dark color helps melt ice quickly. These features alone make asphalt more desirable than other paving materials.

3. Long-Lasting

Asphalt pavement is sturdy and doesn’t break so easily. If well-constructed, an asphalt pavement can last for decades. Even ice and snow chemicals can’t damage asphalt surfaces. If you have a well-built asphalt pavement, you don’t have to worry about reconstruction for at least a couple of decades. In the US alone, more than 90% of roads have been constructed with asphalt.

4. Cost-Effective

Another great benefit of asphalt is that it’s cost-effective. Asphalt installation takes less time than concrete, and it is less expensive to repave as well. Therefore, if you don’t have much time or a high budget, then asphalt is the ideal solution for you. Asphalt helps bring down vehicle maintenance costs because a smooth road with fewer bumps is much easier on your car.

5. Multipurpose Usage

Asphalt is not limited to installing pavement, roads, and driveways only. It is used in other construction projects, such as constructing athletic courts, jogging tracks, etc.

6. Aesthetically Appealing

Pavement marking standout on asphalt surfaces, making the roads more attractive and helping drivers clearly see the signs. Whether you use white, blue, yellow, or any other color markings on asphalt, they will look aesthetically appealing due to asphalt’s black color. In other words, asphalt can help you make your community look prettier.

7. Time-Saving

Asphalt paving helps save time because it neither requires extensive site preparation nor curing time, allowing the traffic flow to resume almost as soon as the installation is done. The good thing is that the entire surface doesn’t have to be paved at the same time. Paving one lane at a time helps you commute easily without any hassle. 

These seven excellent benefits highlight the significance of asphalt paving. If you want a cost-effective solution that lasts long and looks attractive, then asphalt paving is ideal. At Standard Striping Inc., we offer premium asphalt paving and maintenance services at economical rates anywhere in Annapolis, MD. Our team uses high-quality products and machinery to deliver exceptional results. Get a quote for our services today!

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