5 Tips To Get Your Parking Lot Ready For This Winter


Winter is coming. You know what this entails, of course. A Game of Thrones sequel? No. We are, of course, referring to those snowy days where profuse snowfall blankets rooftops, sidewalks, and streets alike. These cold months barely give our cars space to move – there is snow everywhere. This spells disaster for parking lots in a whole new way. If you are a business owner and own a parking lot, you are in for a treat.

To avoid any winter headaches, try following Standard Striping’s top five tips for getting your parking lot ready for this winter.

Coming Up With a Snow Removal and Backup Plan

Come up with a snow removal plan and a backup snow removal plan. This depends on where in the country you are living, of course. But most of America sees heavy snowfall in winters. All the more reason to be ready in advance. Snow scrubbers and a fraction of your labor assigned to pushing snow off and away into neat piles of the parking lot is one way. For snowstorms, however, you might want professional help!

Contact a Snow Removal Company

We at Standard Striping know that bad weather can be unpredictable, which means you need snow removal services from professionals who have experience in all situations! That’s why we provide preventative maintenance to stop ice and snow from forming before it ever hits your parking lot or sidewalks. Contact our team today for more information on how predicting cold temperatures could save not only time but also money.

Sealing and Filling of Holes and Cracks

Sealing the cracks and filling in potholes on your parking lot will save you from countless accidents. Sealing asphalt means water won’t reach your sub-grade layer, which will prevent it from freezing. Thawing ice expands existing fissures while expanding new ones are formed by trapped ice in cold temperatures.

The sooner these holes and cracks are filled, the better.

Get Some Cleaning Done

Clear up all accumulated snow early in the morning so that your employees and customers can manage their way easily, and an hour before you close up – if need be, of course. Snow is not the only danger when it comes to parking lots. If you had the foresight to clear up any falling autumn foliage before the first snow, then you are good to go. Otherwise, any potholes with leaves and then snow atop them can be very dangerous.

Keep An Eye On Your Drainage

Winters are different. Keep an eye on your drainage, ensuring there are no obstructions. Snow will not always melt in the morning and allow safe passage for any obstructions around your drainage. You might have to get your staff to manually create a passage by ice picks for water to flow through. 

Winter may be knocking on your door, but guess what? We can, too! Invite us over to your business or establishment in Annapolis, MD, and let Standard Striping strip away snow from your parking lots. We specialize in various premium servicesGet in touch today for a free estimate and to schedule a service.

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