5 Things Many Property Owners Do Not Know About Crack Filling

Crack filling is a process of sealing and hardening cracks in asphalt with an asphalt-like material, usually black tar. Crack filling can be used to protect your driveway or sidewalk from getting damaged when there are heavy rains or other natural elements such as snow or the sun’s UV rays. The crack will eventually expand again, which is why it needs to be filled again to keep it intact for as long as possible.

The primary purpose of crack filling is to repair and restore the driveway, parking lot, or other asphalt surface and prevent future cracking for as long as possible.

This blog post will discuss five things many property owners don’t know about crack filling.

1. Using the Wrong Crack Filler

The wrong type of crack filler can cause more harm to your property than just leaving the crack unfilled. This is why property owners need to know what is being used on their pavement and how it interacts with other materials to keep the pavement intact as long as possible.

2. Proper Safety Measures

Crack filling is a process that is not to be taken lightly. Property owners should ensure their hired contractors are using crack fillers responsibly and are also using the necessary safety equipment, proper materials, and tools before moving forward, so they don’t cause more damage than what already exists.

3. Water Damage

If you have cracks in your asphalt surface, this means there are gaps where water can leak through and cause damage to other parts of the surface. Water is not the only problem: crack filling also protects your pavement from dirt and oils that can cause stains. Crack filling is inexpensive, easy to perform, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

4. Potential Hazards for Pedestrians and Drivers

Cracks can be dangerous for drivers and pedestrians alike, especially in inclement weather conditions like rain and snow. People may fail to notice cracks in such weather and suffer slips, falls, or damage to their cars. In some cases, cracks can lead to dangerous potholes that require expensive repairs or pavement replacement. Thus, crack filling in time is vital!

5. Cost-Effective

Property owners often think that crack filling is expensive, but the truth is it’s very affordable, and this money goes back into your property every year by keeping small cracks from getting more prominent over time.

If you have cracks in your foundation that are deep enough to create a tripping hazard or if there’s an area where water runoff and erosion could cause structural damage, it’s best to get them fixed sooner rather than later.

Instead of going DIY and trying to do crack filling yourself, we highly recommend hiring a professional asphalt repair contractor specializing in crack filling work.

If you live in Severna Park, MD, Standard Striping can help you fill and repair those pesky cracks on your parking lot, walkway, driveway, or patio. Click here for an estimate and our crack filling experts will respond with a very competitive quote ASAP!

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