4 Top Things To Know About Pavement Line Striping


Pavement line striping is a process of marking the edges and centers of paved surfaces with contrasting colors or patterns to improve driver visibility, delineate traffic lanes, and guide pedestrians. This blog post will discuss four things you should know about pavement line striping before starting your next project!

First Call to Action

Whenever a customer visits a mall, a retail store, or an outlet, the first thing they notice is the parking lot! It is where customers park their vehicles and spend time which affects their buying experience. If the parking lot isn’t maintained properly, it will affect business and give visitors the wrong impression of your company. A well-marked parking lot shows that the owners take pride in their property and take its maintenance seriously.


Marking the parking lot and following set guidelines ensures driver and visitor safety. The parking lot should be marked to guide visitors to the right place quickly. It also helps people driving through the parking lot maintain their speed and prevent accidents.

When you finish marking your entire space with paint, don’t forget about touch-ups! Depending on how much traffic is there at your location, you need to go back every few months or weeks and check whether all lines are intact and visible enough for drivers to see them.

Special Markings

Parking lots need to be ADA Compliant, which means that there will be unique markings on your parking space. Experienced contractors like Standard Striping in Crofton, MD, have comprehensive knowledge about ADA compliance. They have a complete set of ADA-compliant pavement striping equipment, including stencils and paints.

You need to use special paint when marking concrete as it is more durable compared to asphalt, which means it will last longer if painted correctly from the start. Concrete requires epoxy line markers, but make sure they are specifically made for this type of usage as regular epoxy won’t stick well enough!

The Process of Pavement Line Marking

Line striping is not just about the paint. The process of pavement line marking includes cleaning, striping, and drying. Cleaning the pavement is essential to remove dirt and debris that may affect the line striping paint. You need to paint the stripes on clean, dry surfaces, or they will not stick well enough!

You should hold traffic for a certain amount of time after painting before driving over it. It is essential to ensure that the line striping paint has dried before vehicles go over it.

In some cases, a sealant is applied after the line markings have dried and appropriately cured on asphalt or concrete surfaces. Sealant helps protect the lines from wear and tear for extended periods without fading too soon! 

Standard Striping is the premier choice for commercial pavement line marking in Crofton, MD. We’re licensed pavement experts who’re skilled in giving your property a commercially appealing look with our superior pavement maintenance services. Get a free estimate from our team now!

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