4 Things Sealcoating Contractors Do To Win Repeat Contracts!


If you’re starting in the seal coating business, you need to keep all eyes open to make a great impression and market your competency to potential customers. Too often, we’re focused on customer satisfaction and things customers should be told about when hiring the ideal seal coating contractor, so this one is from our perspective as the servicing party.

Here are some etiquettes to follow to make your seal coating game just as strong as ours at Standard Striping!

1. Manage Your Client’s Expectations

Keep in mind the purpose of seal coating when explaining it to your client. Simply said, pavement sealer prolongs the life of healthy asphalt pavements compared with those left exposed to environmental elements and petroleum fluids. It can also fill hairline cracks; however, it is not a substitute for crack sealant. It cannot repair a worn-out roadway or fix flaws in the base, sub-base, or mix design. Inform the client with transparency so that they know what they are in for.

2. Recommend Your Sealing Selections

Property managers are often ill-equipped to choose the suitable sealer for the job. Be a good Samaritan and explain the pros & cons of refined tar, asphalt & petroleum emulsion, and recommend the best option for the job. There are several premium versions of each type. Premium grades, while more expensive up front, are more cost-effective in the long run since they may minimize application frequency, cause fewer disruptions, and lower their maintenance costs over the pavement’s life.

3. Observe The Correct Methods for a Sealcoat

Sealing too early into a seasonal change creates a higher probability of cracking later on as the sealant expands or contracts too harshly. Do explain the ideal conditions to your client when scheduling for a seal coat. Involve the client in some chit-chat regarding the service if they express interest. Review the pros and cons of the service requested.

For a good seal, apply two coats of sealer. After application, the sealer has to dry and cure. Parking lots call for a day’s worth of curing time but can take up to 4 weeks for the residual seal coat odor to go away.

4. Follow-Up After a Completed Job

After completing each job, follow up to ensure your clients anticipate wheel scarring and some sand accumulating in slight depressions after a seal coat. Curing times need to be respected or the surface treatment will fail. Finally, to avoid unwanted conflict, you and the client must have a clear match of expectations. If you keep things professional and give straightforward facts, you’ll be seen as an expert, which leads to increased productivity and business development.

Though the above are not hard and fast rules if you’re a paving contractor in Pasadena, MD, they are a swell way to appear civil and conduct your business with a guarantee to be hired on repeat contract basis.

Standard Striping Asphalt & Concrete Maintenance has been serving Maryland for over two decades, and our seal coating is among the best surface treatments you will find anywhere for your pavement. If you require an urgent seal coating job in this weather, we can assist with some hot asphalt emulsions!

Please get your free estimates on our reliable & repeat-hire-worthy services, and we will get right down to an honest business for your satisfaction!

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