4 Practical Tips For Concrete Maintenance During Winter


Winter is a time for bundling up, drinking hot chocolate, and enjoying the holidays. Unfortunately, it’s also a time when many people neglect their concrete surfaces. Whether you have natural stone or concrete sidewalk on your property in Annapolis, MD, the following tips by Standard Striping will help you maintain them during these chilly months!

Tip 1: Keep It Clean

You should always clean your concrete to keep it looking great. During winter, however, you need to be aware of several things when cleaning the surface.

Prevent Freezing

Firstly, water can freeze on your concrete’s surface if left too long during cold weather – causing cracks and other damage over time! Use a broom or blower to remove snow from your concrete to avoid this problem. Then, clean the surface with warm water and mild detergent immediately after being disturbed by snow.

Avoid Pressure

Secondly, avoid using high-pressure power washers on your concrete during winter months – this can cause damage over time! Instead of reaching for a high-powered tool to clean your concrete, use warm water and detergent to clean the surface.

Ask a Professional

Finally, suppose you see black marks on your concrete after cleaning it with soap and water (and nothing else). In that case, this is likely oil residue from car tires – in which case further steps may be necessary! If so, contact a professional cleaner to help deal with the oil residue.

Tip 2: Use Salt and Sand

To prevent ice from forming on your concrete pavement, use a salt and sand mixture to spread over the surface. The combination will not only help melt the ice but will also provide traction for people and vehicles.

However, clean the salt off the surface to avoid staining once the ice has melted.

Tip 3: Use a Sealer

After using different chemicals and mixtures to de-ice your pavement, make sure to apply a sealer. This will prevent salt and other residues from seeping into the concrete and causing staining in the long run.

Not only does applying a sealer provide protection, but it also adds a layer of shine that makes your driveway or sidewalk look freshly polished!

Tip 4: Patch Up

No matter how many precautions you might take, the chances are that you will have to deal with concrete repair at some point.

It’s better to prepare in advance and patch up any cracks or holes earlier to prevent such procedures from becoming emergencies.

This will not only allow the sealer and chemicals to be more effective, but it can also prevent dirt build-up that might cause further damage.

If you cannot do such repairs yourself, make sure to hire an experienced contractor with a good reputation.


Maintaining concrete during the winter can sound like a daunting task, but it does not have to be. By following these simple tips and using the right products, you can keep your concrete pavement looking great all season long – with little effort on your part.

And if you do run into any problems, the experts at Standard Striping are here in Annapolis, MD, to help.

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