3 Trending Patio Styles To Choose For Your Lawn!


The outdoor space is the first thing people see when walking up to your home; it’s also a serene area where you can spend some time away from the hustle-bustle of life or even the chaos of your own indoors. A well-decorated patio will make visitors feel welcome and show them how much care has gone into creating such a beautiful place inside as well!

Pavers are a great way to create an attractive and durable surface for your patio. They can be made from various materials, depending on your design in mind! Just make sure to get it installed at your home in Severna Park, MD, by professionals like Standard Striping.

From setting up your vertical garden to deciding on the perfect furniture and lighting, we’ve got three trends that will help you make your outdoor space more inviting for everyone.

Look into these three trending patio styles to choose for your lawn.

Outdoor lighting:

If you’re looking to create an inviting atmosphere for your guests, look no further than outdoor lighting. From path lights that guide guests safely between places, up-lights that highlight a focal point, and specialty or atmospheric lights for creating your atmosphere, there are trendy options available when it comes to deciding what kind of light you want on hand!

When you’re looking to illuminate your outdoor space, think about the purpose of each light. For instance, string lights are a good option as they can be attached anywhere. These warm and inviting lights create a classic ambiance without being too overbearing because they’re not permanently installed like up-lights. These lights only require electricity from outlets near walls/ceilings, which everyone has access to, no matter what room they’re in.

LED lights are another excellent option, as you can control your LED lights from anywhere with the touch of a button! There are plenty for any occasion, and they change color or brightness according to what you need. If it’s not enough that these modern marvels light up our lives — they also help save energy by using less power than traditional bulbs.

Neutral Tones

To create the perfect outdoor living space for your home, use materials that seamlessly blend in with their surroundings. Natural stone like granite and marble, for instance, give off an earth tone that will easily integrate into either landscape or architecture style.

When deciding what color palette works best, we recommend neutral tones such as “Champlain grey” alongside soothing colors such as sandalwood, depending on the theme you have going at present!

All-White Surfaces

When it comes to sophistication and luxury, nothing beats all white. Whether you want to take a minimalistic approach or go all out flashy, an all-white patio will allow you to do that.

All-white patios are a stylish and efficient way to keep your outdoor space cool in the warmer months. They also allow beautiful floral to pop even more! Another good thing about all-white patios is that they can be paired with all kinds of furniture, lights, and plants without making the space look too loud or gaudy.


Whether you’re looking for a seating arrangement or an outdoor bar at your home in Severna Park, MD, our guide contains trends that can help you design a stylish patio without you having to break the bank! Contact Standard Striping if you’re ready to liven up your patio. Get a free estimate.

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